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Over the wind and waves,

Over the deep blue sea,

Floated in the air,

A boat so fair,

That brought sweet Nimradel to me.

Her hair, so fair,

Her eyes so blue,

No maiden as pretty,

Could look like an angel too.

Her lips as red as blossoms,

Her dress, as yellow as light,

Her shoes, they were chic and stunning,

In a style that is now in out of sight.

I asked if she would, 

But she would always refuse.

Day, after day,

Week after week,

And year after year,

But she never aged, all right!

One day, she left, 

I was sad to part, 

But she said,

When I am dead,

I will join her and fly out of this country.

Just bring the silver prince of a boat,

Floating sweet in the air,

So I can meet with my blossom, my rose,

My sweet, sweet Nimradel!


Zo Ee @ 8 years old (2016)