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I have found one that will fit you

Don’t worry, it won’t miss you

If you throw it away,

Over hill and far away,

Or you treat it like spoilt tissue.

Zo Ee @ 8 years old (2016)




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img_3220A top hat, a mop hat,

A stop hat, a glop hat,

But most are top hats.
A splat hat, a mat hat,

But most are top hats.

Top hats are top quality (of course)

But top hats could be worse-

Top hats could be top hat in the world!


Zo Ee @ 8years old (2016)

Over The Wind And Waves


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Over the wind and waves,

Over the deep blue sea,

Floated in the air,

A boat so fair,

That brought sweet Nimradel to me.

Her hair, so fair,

Her eyes so blue,

No maiden as pretty,

Could look like an angel too.

Her lips as red as blossoms,

Her dress, as yellow as light,

Her shoes, they were chic and stunning,

In a style that is now in out of sight.

I asked if she would, 

But she would always refuse.

Day, after day,

Week after week,

And year after year,

But she never aged, all right!

One day, she left, 

I was sad to part, 

But she said,

When I am dead,

I will join her and fly out of this country.

Just bring the silver prince of a boat,

Floating sweet in the air,

So I can meet with my blossom, my rose,

My sweet, sweet Nimradel!


Zo Ee @ 8 years old (2016)



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img_3217Tokyo to Kyoto

Kyoto to Tokyo

Tokyo to Kyoto

Kyoto to Tokyo



Will you ever stop?

You are like,

An out of control trike,

Or an endless spinning top,




Will you ever stop,

You are like

An out of control trike,

Or an endless spinning top.


Zo Ee @ 8 years old

Ocean Life


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When I was a young lad,

I stuck my head in the ocean,

And guess what I found:

Ten turtles swimmin’ 

Nine plankton flippin’

Eight sea urchins tumblin’

Seven sea horses bumblin’ 

Six starfish floppin’

Five mudskippers hoppin’ 

Four seaweed swayin’

Three turtles playin’ 

Two dolphins jumpin’ 

One eel bumpin’

All around the sea,

There’s lots to explore for me!



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Makes a pupa needing

Energy to transform

The leafy case into:

A caterpillar eats a lot

Munching on leaves

Open your eyes wide

Recording the scene

Picking up that it’s ready

Holding it wants to emerge

Or you might think, Why do they

Sit inside, waiting ?


Slowly, it will transform into beautiful , magnificent BUTTERFLIES !


….March 2016…


The Butterfly


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We share the planet with some insects, the butterflies.

Their pupa is like a leafy case.

They eat and eat and eat…

And then they create an object of wonder,

A pupa.

They hide inside for a while.

You might think, Why do they sit inside,waiting?

When they break out, they are no longer caterpillars.

They have changed.

Now they have a sleek body,powerful flanks, and grand wings.

I wonder if they change back into caterpillars?