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There is something unique to humans,

That is totally soldier led,

We are the only ones, 

Who drop bombs on each other’s heads.

Animals don’t fight World Wars,

Or don khaki suits. 

That’s why they on charts

Give humans the boot.

But there are boxing kangaroos,

And snakes that have a toxic bite,

No matter how hard they try,

Humans just might,

Beat them, cause’ humans violence,

Shines as our brightest light!
Did you know that some Lego figures have double-sided heads? I have one. Harry Potter.

Sibling Rivalry


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I have a little brother

It’s really sad to say,

All he does is nothing,

But go out to play.

I would flush him down the toilet,

Or drown him in the sink,

But the saddest part for everyone,

He’s nicer than you think!


I have an elder Sister

She drives everyone to their doom,

She spends many hours

In our bathroom.

She doesn’t need all that make up,

She’s pretty enough,

But then she goes for a three-hour soak

In our bathroom’s bath!


I have a little sister

She’s more terrible than you think,

All the time her face and dress

Are stained with chocolate drink.

She always sucks her fingers,

And never washes her hands,

She always watches her CDs

When I’m listening to my favourite bands!


I have an elder brother

He’s more messy than you think,

And it’s so annoying when

He only wears blue, not pink!

He loves to play the guitar,

And turns the amplifier to full amp,

You can even hear him when he is at music camp!


So all of us are talking about sibling rivalry,

Something fair just occurred to me:

Girls versus boys,

Boys versus girls,

Now that sounds good to me!

Witches’ Brew


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Today we will make some witches’ brew,

Here are the ingredients for our witches’ stew:

” Meat of cow,

For a little chow.

One mushroom,

For our stew of doom.

A slice of ham,

Don’t put in jam!

Two potatoes,

Three tomatoes.

Leg of lamb,

Some more ham.

With salt and pepper,

It would taste better.”

So that’s how we make witches’ brew,

Oh, all right! It was tonight’s stew!



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Mebbles live underwater, but they like cheese,

Which is why they often carry it in pouches bound to their knees.

Parmesan,Gorgonzola,a little bit of each,

Normally, they eat and play on the beach.

Cheese burgers,cheese sandwiches, cheese galore,

One Mebbles built a cheese house, from ceiling to floor.

Instead of jam,the Mebbles use cream cheese dyed red,

Which they can get when a fish bangs his head.

There is a cheese god, worshipped by the Mebbles,

His name is, “Cheesy Nibbles.”


If you meet a Mebble, do anything, but please,

Do not bring the Mebble ANY cheese.



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I did this for Write On 2016 few months ago.

Five boys, two girls, seven in all,

Four very short and three very tall.

All of them sitting on an old brick wall.

Jumping over and into a red timberbarn.

Two to one plank! Come hither! Come hither! 

One to the small plank! They stole all the timber!

In comes the manager, but it doesn’t matter. 

They’ve fled and they’ve turned a corner! 

The manager runs and crashes into a bin.

Wow, what a terrible mess he’s in!

Banana skin and a cod’s fin.

Oh, the things that lurk in that dusty bin!

Matted hair and wonky tie,

Remains of the once-clean manager-but sly.

Kiddies kept running , couldn’t stop,

Till’ they heard horse hooves go clip-clop .

A carriage, so fine, that was coming toward them,

Almost, almost, almost ran over them. 

The driver shouts, ” I almost ran over you!”

The kids yell back, “We escaped that , that’s true!”

But the driver is the manager, he is.

The kids scream, “That’s not fair! Why didn’t you tell us this?”

“That was my assistant! You still have me to defeat!”

Zo Ee @ 8 years old (13-Aug-2016)